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Ten years of hard work, ten years of harvest
Publish Date:2015年6月9日  Publisher:本站编辑

In June 6, 2014, Shanghai, the letter has ushered in its 10 years of age. Is 10 years ago, Lang obey a trio, from small to large, from weak to strong, from an unknown small factory development grow to today's deep foundation in the field of trade, factories, service as one of the enterprises. This is long letter perseverance, struggling to move forward the results.

In June, it is well known that it is a harvest season, especially in the north, it is the harvest season of wheat. "Summer is busy". The harvest date, always make people happy and hard-working farmer and looking at their own wheat yellow patches of the wind gone with the wind that shakes the barley, face out natural joy from the bottom of my heart.

I was a native of Shaanxi in rural areas of the children, from small to large, witnessed the progress and development of our country's agriculture on a step by step. Wheat where we is vital economic source of income, so every year to June, every household will greet this day is particularly important, because of the hard work for a year, and finally to the harvest season.

I remember that when the primary school, every year in the harvest time, the school will give us a week of holidays, the whole family to start, to harvest wheat. At that time, mechanization has not spread to our small village where the harvest is the main driving force or by human, the elderly and children to participate in the national. So dad is also dedicated to me with my brother to do the two small sickle, at that time, look at the adults, rope to wheat, right hand a sickle, clear a rearing, bent, "Hula" sound, a handful of wheat tree was conveniently fall in hand, neat Qi Mai tree instantly fell to the ground, prim lying on the stubble.

At that time, we want to tell people to show off our "grain cutting skills", to win their praise. But he accidentally cut to his feet, blood DC also boasted that have nothing to do a thing right, wipe the soil good, of course, is then cut the wheat.

Is the joy of harvest season, drying, grinding, winnowing, and so on a series of steps down and look forward to every day is sunny weather, and then the whole family last borns, presence in the drying of wheat under the tree, eat watermelon, the cool breeze blowing, waiting for the wheat dry, storage. The joy of harvest, so that people in the future is full of expectations, the day will become better and better.

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