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A brief introduction to the principle of piling and piling
Publish Date:2015年6月9日  Publisher:本站编辑

Many kinds of pile driving, many construction work in the need to apply to the pile, and the pile is not an overnight thing, we need to understand the basic knowledge piling.

The "piling" in the construction industry is the foundation of the pile foundation, which is the foundation of the pile cap. (foundation treatment of sand pile can also be considered as piling) pile according to the stress situation into friction pile and end bearing pile.

The friction pile is a pile wall and the surrounding sediment to bear the weight of the upper structure of the pile, the end bearing pile is a pile to the ground to the ground, and the upper structure of the load through the pile body to a solid ground.

The term "piling" means: the use of a pile hammer or other piling equipment to overcome the resistance of the soil to the pile, so that the pile to a predetermined depth or reach the holding layer.
Just as its name implies, piling, in fact, the stake into the ground, to building a solid foundation, so that the whole building is more stable and firm, and all sorts of pile foundation in the project are working.

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