Hydraulic Vibrator Hammer-V Series

hydraulic high frequency vibrating hammer


Shanghai Trust V-series high frequency hydraulic vibratory hammer

Shanghai Trust has been committed to hydraulic vibro-hammer D&R and manufacturing,especially for the V-Series hydraulic frequency vibro-hammer,which is widely used in the projects of Bridge construction, port and terminal construction,offshore engineering, deep foundation pit supporting, municipal engineering foundation pit and other contruction projects.Years of experience in designing and reserching for hydraulic vibro-hammer, with the own independent intellectual property right,the superior performance of the hydraulic vibro-hammers are recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Product Features:

High efficiency
Vibration sinking pile speed is 4 to 7 m/min, the fastest is up to 12 m/min (in non-muddy soil). Construction speed is fasterthan other vibratory hammer machinery by 40% to 100% higher efficient than pneumatic hammer and diesel hammer.

Wide earth foundation range
Besides rock, high frequency vibratory hydraulic hammer is suitable for almost any bad geological conditions. Constructioncan easily penetrate the pebble layer, clip sand bed geology, etc.

Low Noise, No Pollution

High frequency hydraulic vibratory hammer, with noise reducing speakers, fully meet the requirement of environmentalprotection in urban construction.

Widely Application

Suitable for any shape, any material of the pile, such as steel pipe pile, concrete pipe, practicable for 50-13400mm pipe diameter.

Superior performance

Adopts hydraulic power station as thehydraulic power source, through the high frequency vibration from the vibration box, drive the pile into the soil with low noise, high efficiency, no damage when turning, etc.

The advantages of product

Papid respond to customers' demand
Cost performance
Inventory sales
Multi functionality
Low maintenance cost

Profession is the key to success
Trust always focuses on the specialization of products. Undoubtedly this is one of the basic values of our profession.
After collecting the feedback and suggestions of the customers, modular construction is first choice of our profession.
We can modify our design according your requirement or design the products for you separately.
Delivery time is shorted due to professional production strategy.
Shanghai Trust invests to product various types of standard products in order to keep the stocks.
We deliver the cargos with most cost-effective.

The comparative advantage to diesel hammer

▲High efficient construction ability, construction speed is generally 6-10 times higher than dieselhammer.
▲No oil pollution, be good for environment.
▲Avoid the high noise when piling.
▲Rapid adjustment for different pile diameter and also no restrictions for pile length.
▲Piling and pile pulling with the same equipment; do not need any alternative
▲Can used by crane, easy to operate.
▲When work on the concrete piles, a set of steel casing can be use repeated, it is cost saving.
▲It has active vibration bearing lubrication cooling system, to minimize the heating for extending thelife of the product.
▲Selecting the gear oil cooling system, it can work smoothly in the high temperature and difficultgeological conditions.

The comparative advantage to electric hammer

▲Hammer body is fully enclosed design, so it can work under the water.
▲Simple structure; Few maintenance.
▲Although the hammer is small and light, it owns powerful performance. Our hammer weight is onlyless than half of the electric hammer which has same power performance.
▲Safe operation Eliminate the risk of high-voltage.
▲It is workable to adjust the limit vibration frequency regulation according to the drawing.
▲High-frequency vibration reduces the soil resistance significantly. Pile pulling could be moresmoothly.
▲Closed hydraulic circuit design, adjust the power output automatically according to the load andimprove the efficiency of the pile.
▲It has active vibration bearing lubrication cooling system, to minimize the heating for extending thelife of the product.
▲Selecting the gear oil cooling system, it can work smoothly in the high temperature and difficultgeological conditions.


V-Series Hydraulic Vibro Hammer Technical Parameters
Model   V80 V100 V120 V160 V240 V320
Eccentric Moment kg.m 25.2 32 38 54 80 138
Frequency r/min 1700 1700 1700 1680 1650 1450
Vibro Force kN 800 1000 1200 1600 2400 3200
Max Pile-pull Force kN 543 776 814 1260 1537 2163
The weight of the kg 5200 5600 5900 6350 9800 12600
Overall Size mm 2995×535×2385 2995×535×2385 2995×535×2385 3030×560×2550 3230×580×2650 3230×580×265
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