Hydraulic Pile Hammer-C Series:CX/CG/CGL

BSP Hydraulic Hammers

BSP Hydraulic Hammers

World Leaders in Piling Equipment and Ground Improvement since 1905.

BSP International Foundations is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of hydraulic piling hammers and ground improvement equipment. High performance products from BSP provide the international construction industry with an advanced site preparation capability and a strong competitive advantage, in terms of both economics and the environment.

A continuing research and development program keeps BSP in the forefront of the challenging engineering technologies that have been at the heart of its success for the past 100 years. Over that time, BSP has pioneered the evolution of piling hammer design and has manufactured simple drop hammers, steam hammers, air hammers, diesel hammers and was the first UK Company to launch hydraulic impact hammer to the world market. BSP are also inventors of the dynamic compaction process known as RIC (Rapid Impact Compaction).

BSP CG hammer draws on BSP’s 100 year experience. The range has been extensively site tested, easy to operate and maintain.
The Proven BSP remote control panel, provides the CG range with an infinitely variable stroke and blow rate. The precise delivery of energy to the pile, enables the contractor to maximize production rates, avoid pile damage and the problems of the pile runaway.
The CG range of piling hammer is designed for driving a variety of bearing piles including steel tube, combi piles, H sections and reinforced/pre stressed concrete piles,also suitable for driving raked(batter)piles.
The relatively low hydraulic demand of the CX actuator reduces fuel consumption.Low hydraulic power pack requirement.
Total control of hammer stroke and blow rate.
◆Environmentally Friendly:
Low exhaust emissions,low noise emissions with improved dolly material

Work Range
◆BSP Hydraulic Applications
◆Steel tubular bearing piles
◆Steel ‘H’ piles


Technical Parameters
Hammer Drop Weight Stroke Frequency Max Power Basic Weight Length Power Pack Type
  Kg mm b/min knm kg M Kw
CG180 11000 20-1500 31-100 180 17240 7 250
CG210 14000 20-1500 31-100 210 20430 7.45 250
CG240 16000 20-1500 31-100 240 22760 7.75 250
CG270 18000 20-1500 31-100 270 25110 8.05 250
CG300 20000 20-1500 29-100 300 27460 8.35 250
CGL370 250000 20-1500 32-75 370 34650 7 390
CGL440 300000 20-1500 32-75 440 41150 7.465 450
CGL520 350000 20-1500 32-75 520 46650 7.93 520
CGL590 40000            
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