Rapid Impact Compactor-THC Series

THC series Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compactor


Shanghai Trust THC series Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compactor

THC series hydraulic rapid impact compactor is designed according the condition of compaction padding and soft ground. It can easily be installed to the loader and excavator. And it has the character of  maneuverability, controllability and high efficiency. It's an unique compaction equipment working in a fast speed.What’s more, in the both sides of bridges'compaction, use vibratory roller to make compaction for every stratum,but it's hard to reach the technical requirements. But Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compactor can realize it easily. It's monitored in the process of compaction.

1.Apply to traditional dynamic compaction or help to dynamic compaction
2. Apply to highway subgrade or railroad beds
① Tamp or reinforce highway subgrades and railroad beds to avoid future naturalsedimentations;
② Solve the domestic widespread puzzle of bumping at both sides of bridges;
③ Crush old road surface and make use of it locally;
④ Upgrade and rebuild of roads and broaden old roads;
⑤ Tamp high-filing subgrades, especially for the subgrades soils and stones filling;
⑥ Backfill and compact subway base stations;
⑦ Tamp subgrades of highway and railway like abutment back; culvert side; chicken claw ditch,etc.
3. Apply to building field of industrial and civilian
In the process of low rise buildings’ foundation treatment, it can save cost of gravel piles andshorten days of construction. Also it deals with construction waste locally, so saves the cost ofremoving industrial refuse.

4. Apply to hosting sites like stockyard
It suits for wharf and container sites. Also, it is used in foundation treatment of large-scaleindustrial , corporate stock grounds, fuel tanks, airports and harbors, etc. What’s more, it worksfor salt pond permeation in salt industry.

5. Apply to environmental engineering

Solve the problems of harmful materials buried. Increase the number and deepness of buriedobjects, so it can save land and avoid secondary pollution. Also, through this method it avoid thedanger of gas leak because of not buried well.

6. Apply to military
It is used to repair airport pavements and roads timely at wartime. And it can crush repeatedlyrunways that for training planes .Many countries in Southeast Asia have bought a lot for military.

7. Apply to reinforce and compaction for water conservancy projects
It is used in reservoirs, river and lake embankments, seawalls, flood-fighting and emergencyrescues

8.Post-quake reconstruction:
Post-quake dismantling and recycling; Post-quake damaged road reconstruction and reinforcement.


THC Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compactor Technical Parameters
Model THC30 THC36 THC42 THC60 THC84
Hammer Block Weight                    kg 2500 3000 3500 5000 7000
Hammer Block Stroke(adjustable)  mm 200~1200
Max Impact Energy                        kJ 30 36 42 60 84
Impact Frequency (adjustable)   1/min 30~80
Overall Weight                             kg 4200 4700 5200 6800 9000
Overall Height                              mm 3540 3540 3540 4100 4600
Overall Width                               mm 860 860 860 860 860
Overall Depth                               mm 920 920 920 920 920
Working Pressure                        MPa 14 16 18 19 24
Working Flow                              l/min 120~160 120~160 130~170 140~180 140~180
Hammer Foot Weight                    kg 450 450 450 450 450
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