Hydraulic Power Pack-HP Series

Power Pack Technical Parameters


Shanghai Trust offers a wide range of power packs to support different kind of hydraulic equipments ,as the main power source. Hook up any hydraulic construction equipment to the power packs open loop system with the quick-connect hoses.
Such as for vibratory hammers,vibroflots,dredging pumps,augers and other construction equipment.

Shanghai Trust Power packs are widely recognized for their superior quality, and Shanghai Trust is proud to supply the high quality and efficency equipment for clients and contribute to the success of the projects around the world.

Shanghai Trust has developed a wide range of heavy duty clamping aystems,beams and cross beams for the driving of the sheet pile.piles of carying diamensions,concrete and even wooden piles.The materials are all adopt the special steel, and integration for casting and forging.Our experts offer advice on the best clamping solutions for each application.

Power Pack Technical Parameters
Model   HP360 HP600 HP800 HP1200
Engine TYPE NTA855-P360 KTA19-P600 KTA38-P90 KTA38-P1200
Power KW/HP 269/360 448/600 675/600 900/1200
Speed rpm 2100 2100 2100 2100
Max Presusure Mpa 350 420 420 420
Max Flow L/min 400 525 756 1050
Overall Weight kg 4000 5500 9500 10500


Multi-purpises steel clamp
Model DJ36TU DJ50TU DJ80TU DJ100TU DJ120TU DJ160TU DJ200TU DJ320TU
Clamp force kN 360 500 800 1000 1200 1600 2000 3200


Double Clamps
Model SJ50TC SJ100TC SJ160TC SJ200TC
Clamp force kN 500x2 1000x2 1600x2 2000x2
Mix. pipe inside
270 410 630 680


Length of clamp and beam
Lenggh 2400~4200mm
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