Silent Pile Driver-Standard

Silent Pile Drver Standard

Giken Silent piler

In January 2012, GIKEN celebrates its 46th anniversary. GIKEN was founded to extinguish construction pollution recognised as a major source of environmental contamination at that time. In 1975, GIKEN released the press-in machine, “Silent Piler”, first in the world.

The New F-Series Silent Piler is a new modular design developed by ptimising all the parts and drastically modifying the structure, shape, and material.Not only are the main component parts more versatile,it is also equipped with a cutting-edge control system,
and realising high functionality and longer operation life.

F-Series Silent Piler have wider adoptability and is applicable to Standard Mode, Water Jetting Mode, and Super Crush Mode and 400mm,500mm,600mm ,900 wide U sheet pile by changing the chuck and chuck frame, and equipping suitable attachments.

The new control system manages the position of the press-in machine and controls load generation from press-in work during operation, maximising the durability of each part.Also, control of the machine is remarkably improved by the Press-in Force Control System and the Phaseless Linear Auger Torque Control System.

The "Directional Coring Theory", GIKEN's original theory, makes the Hard Ground Press-in Method able to install sheet piles into difficult ground conditions such as gravelly soil and cobble or boulder mixed soil without losing the advantages of the Press-in Method. The augering area can be reduced to assist pile installation,minimising volume of spoil and disturbance to the soil strata. Hence, high bearing capacity is available from sheet piles which are installed by the Hard Ground
Press-in Method.

The Power Unit is a new generation model and has environmentally-friendlyspecifications. It is designed with strict concepts for clean emissions with high combustion efficiency and GIKEN's original hydraulic control technologies.

It clears allowable construction noise levels in many industrialised countries.

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