Cutter Dredger CSD-Cutter Dredger

Cutter Dredger CSD Cutter Dredger




Damen Dredging Equipment oǪers an extensive standard range of effiaent and robustly constructed cutter suction dredgers. The dismountable dredgers offer a high productivity combined with a reliable operation.The dredgers can be customized effortlessly due to the large number of available options.
The non-self propelled dredgers consist of an ergonomically designed operating cabin, a main pontoon housing the diesel engine and tHe dredge pump, plus side pontoons, the cutter ladder and the spud poles. The pontoons are fitted out with a simple yet Heavy duty coupling system enabling rapid and straightforward dismantling and reassembly on land and afloat. All elements ofthe cutter suction dredger can be transported by road, rail or sea.

The spacious operating cabin has dark tinted windows all around providing excellent view on essential deck equipment. The well insulated cabin is mounted on shock absorbers forimproved comfort and low noiselevels. THe ergonomic design shows in the two separate control panels between which the dredge masters chair is located. The dredger is designed for one-man operation.

The cutter suction dredgers are well powered by modern computer-controlled Caterpillar diesel
engines with low fuel consumption and low emissions, e n a bling all functions to operate simultaneously. The engines are connected to a closed fresh water cooling system with box

The Damen standard range consist of five types of dredgers. The standard design has resulted in a short the delivery time and competitive pricing.
All cutter suction dredgers are completely assembled and fully tested at the yard before delivery, and they thus are immediately ready for operation on arrival at site.


Parameter/Model CSD250 CSD350 CSD450 CSD500 CSD650
Dredging Performance          
Min/Max Dredging Depth 1-6m 1 -9m 1.5 -12m 2.5-14m 3-18m
The biggest dredging ability 1000 m3/hr 2000 m3/hr 3000 m3/hr 4000m3/hr 7000m3/hr
Dredging Pump Type BP2320 BP3530 BP45-1100 BP5045 BP6560MD
Cutting Power 40KW 55 KW 110kw 180kw 600kw
Cutting Speed 250mm 350mm 450mm 550/500mm 650mm
Engine Device  
Total Power 254 kw 447kw 938kw 1293kw 2972kw
Power Device 24 volt 24volt 24volt 24volt 24volt
Important Size  
Ladder Length 19.00m 26.00mm 33.15mm 38.50m 60.00mm
Raft Bridge Overall Length 11.5m 16.5m 22.5m 25.5m 49.3m
Depth 1.50m 1.50m 1.80m 2.00m 2.5m
Overall Weight 30tons 55tons 115tons 140tons 495tons
Fuel Capacity 2×3m3 2×4.2m3 2×9.4m3 2×11m3 4×17m3
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