BUMA CE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of foundation equipment in Korea.  Since the company was built in 1992, BUMA CE has been supplying the products to all around the world with outstanding reputation of not only good quality products but also excellent service support

based on much knowledge in the industry. 
Major products of BUMA CE are engaged in the large diameter and deep depth foundation work

industry.  The products are
    Reverser Circulation Drilling (R.C.D) Rig
    Casing Oscillator
    Casing Rotator
    Hammer Grab & Spherical Grab
    Drilling Tools & etc

Reverse Circulation Drilling (R.C.D) Rig

Reverse Circulation Drilling (R.C.D) System, also known as air-lift system is that compressed air is injected into the drill pipe below water level just above the drill bit.  This reduces the density of the internal water column and starts the circulation.  The mixture of water, air and cuttings is then flushed out through the drill pipe into setting tanks. 

If there are drilling conditions required as follows
    1)  Large Diameter (more than 800mm)
    2)  Deep Depth (more than 50m)
    3)  Hard Rock Drilling (75Mpa ~ 250Mpa)
    4)  Bore Piling in Marine Condition

Casing Oscillator
When the strata conditions are unstable, Casing is required to be driven to overall depth to prevent hole's collapse. It is called All Casing method (Benoto Method, Shaft Drilling).  To drive the Casing and retract it after concreting, Casing Oscillator is strongly recommended to use. With its superior oscillating torque and lifting force, the machine shows the best performance of driving and retracting the casing. If it is used together with Hammer Grab, it shows the fast excavating speed with its big volume of jaw  and it is available for excavating gravels and boulders layer.

Casing Rotator
In the All Casing Method (Beneto Method, Shaft Drilling) construction, if there is any of the

below conditions required,
1)    Inclined Rock Layer under the ground to be penetrated
2)    Big Boulder under the ground to be penetrated
3)    Overlap cutting to be required in secant pile (Cut Off Wall)
4)    Previous piles to be removed in remodeling construction
It is highly recommended to use BUMA Casing Rotator

Hammer Grab
For the large diameter bore piling, the best excavating tool inside of the casing will be hammer grab.  With specialized jaw capacity, it can remove big volume of soil in one time.  It needs only crane (Heavy Duty Cycle Crane is recommended) with line-pull capable of handling weight of hammer grab and excavating material. 

Spherical Grab
Double rope operation with strong grab force show the best performance of excavating hard soil and even soft rock

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