Hydraulic Vibroflot-Hydraulic Vibroflot

Pennine Hydraulic vibrator

Pennine Hydraulic vibrator


British Pennine Company is world-famous soft foundation treatment engineering contractors and equipment manufactures. The hydraulic vibrator in the leading position spreads all over 80 countries and regions, and has been committed to the reinforcement of the land and ocean foundation engineering.

◆HD series and BD series hydraulic vibrator are applied to sand pile and gravel pile projects widely, depending on their excellent property and reliability.
◆The max depth to deal with foundation is 45 meters.
◆Timely and perfect technology support and spare parts service.

Work Range
◆sand pile projects
◆gravel pile projects


Technical Parameters
Specifications HD130 HD150 BD300 BD400 BD500
Diameter 310mm 310mm 310mm 400mm 1,000mm
Centrifugal force
140KN 200KN 175KN 310KN 314KN
202KN 288KN 252KN 426KN 397KN
50HZ 50HZ 30HZ 30HZ 20HZ
60HZ 60HZ 36HZ 35HZ 22.5HZ
98KW 130KW 120KW 215KW 215KW
117KW 156KW 143KW 254KW 240KW
Amplitude at tip 8mm 11mm 14mm 17mm 45mm
Weight of vibroflot
(for 8.5m treament)
1,850kg 2,550kg 2,575kg 4,400kg 7,150kg
Weight of extension tubes(per 5m) 850kg 850kg 850kg 850kg 2,650kg
Hydraulic flow
180lpm 240lpm 200lpm 450lpm 426lpm
216lpm 280lpm 230lpm 525lpm 480lpm
Hydraulic pressure
325bar 325bar 360bar 290bar 300bar
350bar 325bar
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